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During my 5-day-long solo journey through New Mexico in December of 2007 I felt like I had crossed some intangible borders in time. 

I found myself in a land that seemed to be from

“out of this world”, from out of this time. 

It was as if time had frozen in the landscapes,

the crumbling adobe walls, in the movement of shadows.

Even the snow seemed permanent,

and the rivers appeared to be flowing back into themselves.

There was a sense of mystery, of innocence, about the places I saw -

not the innocence of a child, but that of the very old and very wise.

So I listened in.

All the images in this series were taken in silence,

with a sense of awe for the time lost, for the decay,

for that which is inaccessible, intangible, and ephemeral.

I tried to walk lightly.

The thick wheel of the earth,

its tire moist with oblivion,

spins, cutting time

into inaccessible halves.

                        Pablo Neruda